About Us

Good Spirits Cocktails was born out of passion.

A passion for connection and bringing people together.

We find that a cocktail is often the canvas for these connections to be drawn. Where people can find the strength to be vulnerable. To think a little differently than before. To engage a little deeper than usual. To find more meaning in the things that bring us all together than the things that push us apart.

We often bring cocktails with us to gatherings to facilitate these moments and we hope that you'll let us bring the drinks for you next time, as well.

More than three years in the making, GSC started right in our kitchen with our own recipes and our own favorites. The next few years were spent relentlessly iterating to commercially build the same drink with the same quality. We think we achieved that — in fact, we think we ended up with a canned cocktail that's better than one you'd often find in a glass.

Good Spirits Cocktails Founders
Laura & Ryan

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